Commissions (Opdrachten)

When interested in commissioning a (portrait) painting, please, read these three FAQs and contact via mail or phone: 06 52 35 70 84 (country code is 31).

How long would it take to finish the commission?
Small works, e.g. an owl on a gold leave panel, often can be squeezed into the planning. Delivery will be a matter of weeks. Bigger works are scheduled in time slots, that have been agreed upon with other commissioning clients (and the galleries). Therefore, it usually takes several months before work on a newly commissioned work can start.     

What will approximately be the cost of a commissioned painting?
Not easy to tell without knowing the desired dimensions and the representation. Please, contact.

Does one have to sit for a portrait?
Nowadays, we can do without posing for hours. However, before I pick up a brush I do a photo shoot. The photos function as supporting documentation during the painting process.